2023 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Lurking in the shadow of the dramatically redesigned Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport plays it relatively cool. It is fresh and modern feeling, but it doesn’t deliver the desire instilled by the big-body Range Rover. Instead, it feels as though it is simply a culmination of the key attributes of the other models in the Range Rover line-up – the Velar and Evoque. Without a feeling of being its own, can the Range Rover Sport deliver the experience to satisfy those with raised eyebrows at its $100,000 price tag? With stylish and overall excellently executed competition from Mercedes and Audi, the Range Rover Sport needs to prove that its most noteworthy features can carry the name forward.

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Factory-Built Extreme Off-Roaders

I really enjoy off-roading. It’s my bag. But what I don’t like is compromise. I want a vehicle that is able to confidently explore the beauty of the Rockies, as well as navigate through town. I don’t want clumsiness at 75 mph or tipsy handling around the mountain curves. I want to be assured that the design reviews, layout checks, and durability test cycles have worked out the weak points and, what the heck, a warranty would be nice to have too. Is that too much to ask for? Not for the growing list of vehicles that can provide it all – for a price, of course. 

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Land Rover: The Company Divide

 As Production closes on the Defender and a modern interpretation of the Discovery debuts, does this mark the end for the Land Rover faithful or is the brand further solidifying its reputation for providing “the best 4x4xfar”?

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Unique Market Opportunities, Part 1: How the Evoque Convertible Makes Sense

Over the past several years, one of the hottest segments genres has been the 4 door-coupe, generally bringing the styling of a coupe with the two row comfort expected of a sedan. First introduced with the Mercedes CLS, then further advanced with the A7, this segment now even includes mainstream vehicles, such as the previous gen Hyundai Sonata with its long curved roof and short deck. The design philosophy is now an established part of the major market and automakers have been quick to adopt it to the next most popular segment, the SUV.

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