Concept meets Production – Audi Q8

Luxurious goods like rear-wheel steering, soft leather, and a plethora of HD display screens grab the headlines but there’s another level of luxury found in the details that is equally as impressive.

Attention to detail is evident throughout the design of the Q8.

The dashboard’s gloss-black interior trim is trendy, however, the Q8’s panels are painted with additional care so it matches the stylist’s intent. To prove the team’s confidence, it is positioned next to the glass touchscreen. And why not make it flush mounted while we’re at it?

The rear sloping roofline and tailgate design are unencumbered with practicals features like washer nozzles because they are integrated into the rear wiper arm.

The A and B pillars are designed with smooth slab sides for a very clean and robust look – like pillars.

Dual-pane glass for all doors passenger doors reduces interior noise.

Rear passengers get an open sense of space courtesy of the flush-mounted glass and lack of a traditionally located C-pillar.

Even the headrest guideposts are styled.

The rear cover collapses inward to minimize the cargo floor gaps. This is not the cheapest solution but is what’s needed to look the part.

The cargo area also receives excellent lighting and shaped inner panels that are practical and add to the styling theme.


Battles between Styling, Engineering, and Cost can often spill over onto the main stage and result in a compromised design that detracts from the quality feel of the car. There’s no such evidence in the Q8 and it feels as if the teams worked together to deliver a coordinated luxurious experience.

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