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What is my blog going to be about?

This blog will discuss everything car related, from new cars and new tech to business decisions and market opportunities. I, your writer, will share my opinions, which are probably slightly biased towards a vehicle’s engineering accomplishments but I’ll also capture that sensation of awe I felt as a kid while looking at my Countach poster on my wall.

My love for cars has always energized me to learn more about their engineering and how the industry works. First hearing about General Motors Institute (now Kettering Univ.) at the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS),  I applied, was accepted, and moved to  Flint, MI.  There are few cities that could claim as much automotive significance as Flint. This is where Chevrolet was born, Buick had a whole city to itself, and widespread greed and mistrust brought the city to the gritty edge of survival. For anyone who has oil in their blood, this city will make you wish you could turn back the clocks.  Several years later, I graduated with my M.E. degree and with a couple years of manufacturing experience with Toyota. However, I knew I wanted to get further into the process so I could contribute to the development of the car. Considering this was the beginning of our dark years of the auto industry, I felt fortunate to get a decent paying job within the auto industry. My interview at Honda R&D had involved going 100mph in an Odyssey on the test track and I nearly signed the contract on the spot.  With my office located in the middle of the test track I performed durability testing and extreme environmental. I have been followed by spy photographers and pulled over just so the police officer could check out the car. Sounds like fun, right? Well, the beat goes on and to further explore of my passion of cars, I moved over to the Development side of the business. I worked with stylists and test engineers to develop exterior parts that were feasible, good looking, met all design and local federal requirements, and of course, had 8 versions using common parts. With all of the work that goes into the development of a vehicle, I think all car lovers should pour one for their cars’ engineers.

This is my blog and I hope you’ll enjoy following along.

Matt Pilgrim

-Editor in Chief

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