News for the Week (#4) – A Chill Week

As the brands pour all of their attention on the upcoming Super Bowl commercials, there are few significant news reports (aka distractions).

One bit of news that normally wouldn’t be covered here, especially since the model’s debut is still several months away, comes from Land Rover.

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News for the Week (#2) CES Rundown

News For the Week (#2)

Tech News from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas

Over the past several years, the CES in Las Vegas has become a venue to announce new connectivity platforms and big developments in autonomous tech. This year’s CES was no different and, as our world becomes more connected, the announcements are much less of a view of a far-off ideal as they are about what is actually happening and coming in the next decade or sooner. 

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News For the Week (#51) – News and Detroit Previews

News For the Week (#51) – News and Detroit Previews

Another relatively low key week for car news, however, there were a few notable bits. 

Honda previewed its latest rendition of the Insight hybrid which represents, again, a whole new direction for the car.





Speaking of hybrids, Hyundai has added its third model to the Ioniq line-up.






2019 Infiniti QX50 – A Completely Re-invented SUV

When the EX35 debuted in 2008, it was focused on the sports-end of the emerging segment. Its strong V6, relatively low center of gravity, and rear wheel drive layout (AWD optional) won the hearts of those who strongly felt that a crossover didn’t have to be a dull handling vehicle.

The first generation QX50 came from a simple name change in 2014 – from the EX37 – while the actual car received hardly an update. Because of this, many still refer to the 2018 model as the EX35 or EX37 and Infiniti’s crossover fell behind the leaders of the pack. That is all about to be forgotten as the new QX50 is entirely new.

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News For the Week (#50) – Between the LA and Detroit Auto Shows

After the frenzy of the LA Auto Show, which included several significant new vehicle launches, the automakers are now fully focused on Detroit’s auto show in January.

Still there were a few interesting bits of news that came across the wire this week.

McLaren Senna – Simple mission: Be the best road-legal track car

Porsche Brake Tech – Cleaner and More Efficient



News For the Week (#49) – Part 2 of the LA Auto Show

News For the Week (#49)

It’s the LA Auto Show (Part 2)!    – Click here for Part 1

Round 2 of highlights from the LA Auto Show:

News For the Week (#48) – Part 1 of the LA Auto Show

It’s the LA Auto Show!  Part 1

The LA Auto Show brings about big news from all spectrums of the industry; from Subaru’s  inexplicably late-to-the-party 8-passenger SUV to Alfa Romeo’s return to Formula 1 and so much in between.

More highlights from the LA Auto Show to come:

  • Jeep’s all-new Wrangler JL is more capable and smarter
  • Alfa Romeo looks to recreate its glory days in Formula 1
  • Kia’s new 2019 Kia Sorento Awkwardly Does Hell’s Revenge
  • Lincoln Updates MkX to Nautilus and gets a slight model update.
  • Infiniti Refocuses the QX50 for a Wider Audience
  • Chevrolet releases most wicked ZR1
  • Mercedes debuts the latest CLS four-door coupe
  • Nissan Kicks small crossover takes over for the Juke