News for the Week (#4) – A Chill Week

As the brands pour all of their attention on the upcoming Super Bowl commercials, there are few significant news reports (aka distractions).

One bit of news that normally wouldn’t be covered here, especially since the model’s debut is still several months away, comes from Land Rover.

With a name that sounds like it might have come from Lamborghini, the SV Coupe carries a lineage going back to the first generation Range Rover – which was actually available only as a two door for the first 11 years. During this time, the two-door proved itself as a capable Land Rover with the Camel Trophy while customers demanded more refinement and features. Eventually, in 1989, the Range Rover made its way to the States albeit in four-door guise only.

So there is a bit of historical mystique when it comes to a North American two-door Range Rover. This hand-built Range Rover SV Coupe will have a production run of only 999 units although there may be potential for more.

All that LR has shown so far – a full size Range Rover level of luxury in a Coupe form

Land Rover, especially lately,  has been proving that it’s storied and rugged past can still be successfully re-interpreted in today’s world. From dropping a modern V8 into a Defender to paying homage to an original Range Rover, Land Rover’s design and engineering teams have been getting the support and freedom that can only serve to further the brand’s success streak.

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