Racing my Range Rover Sport on a Frozen Lake

And best of yet, I wasn’t the only one.

 Georgetown Lake is less than an hour’s drive from Denver and is the site of this year’s Land Rover Flatirons Ice Cup. 2017 was the Land Rover-exclusive event’s 14th year and featured a full model lineup from the latest Range Rover LWB to the Discovery Sport. In total, there were 26 different drivers and popularity for the event remains as high as ever. Nam Phan, event coordinator with Land Rover Flatirons, said that half of the available spots were claimed within the first day and that he regularly gets RSVP requests before a date is even set.

I had never driven a car on a frozen lake before so this was a bit strange to me. Sure, I’ve driven on plenty of black ice but never did I enjoy it or turn around to try it again. This seemed like a great opportunity to do some slip and sliding and spend the day with some fellow Land Rover owners.

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Chevrolet ZR2 – An Enthusiast’s Win and What May Follow

2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

In a great moment of when the pessimistic “oh yeah…” turns into a very enthusiastic “oh yeah!”, Chevrolet unveiled the production version of the Colorado ZR2.

The pessimism lies with over-promised concept cars and overhyped “off-road” packages that are often little more than a skid plate and a limited-slip differential. When Chevrolet introduced the 2014 ZR2 concept car, it featured an impressive list of features but it seemed a bit more fantasy than reality. But oh boy, when Chevrolet recently introduced the production version, it came out with both guns a-blazin’!

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