Quick Trip: 2020 Outback Onyx Edition XT

2020 Subaru Outback Onyx Edition XT – $37,750   MPG: 23 City, 30 Highway

Its looks are immediately “Outback”, but this re-design is anything but a phone-in. The 2020 Outback Onyx XT rides on a new platform, carries more advanced features, and a high-class interior that all work together to achieve a more comfortable and livable daily ride that goes without taking away its ruggedness and capability – characteristic traits for this Outback. It’s a tricky formula that others have tried without achieving the same level of success. 

The Onyx Edition XT is equipped with an impressive features list and unique black styling touches like black 18-in wheels, black exterior trim, and a two-tone gray interior with water-repellent fabric seats that feature heat and 10-way power adjustment. LED headlights and foglights, a front 180-degree wide-view camera, and Subaru’s full suite of driver assistance tech make everyday driving a little less stressful. The interior design blends a simplistic design with near-luxury materials and modern tech in the form of a portrait-arranged 11.6-inch touchscreen. 

The hands-free power tailgate takes a different approach instead of the now traditional kick motion used to signal the opening mechanism. The Outback simply asks to hold the back of your hand to the Subaru logo. Though my time with the car was limited, this system seemed easy to use and possibly a better method.

On the road, the Outback delivers a quiet and smooth ride with little distraction coming from the powertrain department where the CVT is relatively crisp and the turbocharged engine delivers a satisfying amount of acceleration. 

The new chassis allows for a comfortable lean in the turns but never feels out of sorts during quick transitions on winding roads. Partly contributing to the notable body roll is the Outback’s raised ride height that brings 8.7-inches of ground clearance. That will be sufficient for most off-highway excursions but for those just-in-case types, Subaru offers additional underbody protection. When clearance isn’t an issue, the updated all-wheel-drive system will ensure traction gets to the wheels with the best grip. 

The 2020 Outback delivers in terms of everyday capability plus it can tackle the not-so-everyday tasks of hauling stuff on its versatile roof rack or avoiding an accident with its automatic braking. It’s more desirable than ever and stays true to its original concept. 

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