2021 BMW 430i Convertible

2021 BMW 430i Convertible

Convertibles can be difficult to rationalize. Their open-air freedom usually comes at the expense of some other desirable trait, such as comfort or handling due to the complexities of removing the roof. BMW’s path to building a better convertible meant adopting a folding hardtop – which it did for the past two generations of the 4-Series, however, that system’s complexity, weight, and, worst of all, awkward looks, have spurred BMW to give the soft-top another chance with this new 2021 generation. Has the science of the fabric roof improved so that it meets the expectations that come with being a luxury car? BMW thinks so, and this 430i Convertible is out to prove it. 

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Week 45 – Interesting Auto News Worth Sharing

News For the Week (#45):

What’s worth sharing – 4 items:

  1. Acura released information regarding their significantly updated 2018 RLX, luxury sedan (also formerly known as Legend and RL).Once known for its Sporty nature, trouble free enjoyment, and reasonable price, Acura seems on the verge of a renaissance.

The MDX and TLX have been updated with Acura’s Precision Concept styling theme for their extensive mid-generation cycle refreshes and now the RLX gets the same treatment.

2018 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid

The car gets much sharper styling (new front fascia, hood, headlights, exhaust finishers, and a gloss black diffuser) and brighter colors. While fully admitting that I have a soft spot for this underdog performer, I feel the exterior design has the most athletic and cohesive look since the the second generation Legend.

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