2018 Range Rover SVAutobiography – Green is the new Gold

The SV team delivers the ultra luxurious, hand-crafted version of the updated 2018 Range Rover. Better yet, it can now be had with the plug-in hybrid system and styling updates that the 2018 Range Rover.

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Nissan VC-Turbo Engine – A Design Breakthrough

Following on the footsteps of Mazda’s technological leap in controlling the combustion process – enabling both spark (typical gas engine power) and compression ignition (typical diesel efficiency) – Nissan is now showing off its production ready game changer of an engine. Instead of varying the ignition method, it  utilizes a variable compression ratio to achieve a similar end game.

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Week 47 – Interesting Auto News Worth Sharing

News For the Week (#47):

What’s worth sharing – 3 (Big) items:

Infiniti has revealed their most significant update to the QX50 5-passenger crossover by ditching the staid styling and rear wheel drive platform that it has been using since 2008 when it was known as the EX35. Emphasizing success in areas where the previous generation came up short, the new 2019 model comes with industry first engine technology (co-developed with the the Renault (parent company) Formula 1 team), a focus on interior space, and advanced active technology. Although performance minded customers maybe saddened by the loss of the 2018 model’s focus on sport, the 2019 QX50 is expected to be better in nearly every measurably way. Additional details about trim levels and pricing will follow its full unveiling at the upcoming LA Auto Show.    Continue reading “Week 47 – Interesting Auto News Worth Sharing”

Week 46 – Interesting Auto News Worth Sharing

News For the Week (#46):

What’s worth sharing – 7 items:

Honda released pricing for the Accord 2.0-liter. Starting at $31,200, including destination, it officially goes on sale November 20th. The starting trim is the Sport trim although it shouldn’t be directly compared with the 1.5L Sport as the 2.0L trim has much more feature content (similar to the 1.5L EX trim) – there is no longer an excuse for enthusiasts to hold out on the six-speed manual transmission which is optional only on the Sport (The Civic Si is well equipped too). The 10-speed automatic is a no cost option and is the only option for the EX-L and Touring trims whose equipment features closely mirror those of their respective 1.5L trims. The EX-L starts at $32,860 including destination with a navigation system ($1,000) being the only factory option. The Touring trim is $36,690 and becomes the most luxurious and powerful Accord ever. First Look: 2018 Honda Accord  

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Week 45 – Interesting Auto News Worth Sharing

News For the Week (#45):

What’s worth sharing – 4 items:

  1. Acura released information regarding their significantly updated 2018 RLX, luxury sedan (also formerly known as Legend and RL).Once known for its Sporty nature, trouble free enjoyment, and reasonable price, Acura seems on the verge of a renaissance.

The MDX and TLX have been updated with Acura’s Precision Concept styling theme for their extensive mid-generation cycle refreshes and now the RLX gets the same treatment.

2018 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid

The car gets much sharper styling (new front fascia, hood, headlights, exhaust finishers, and a gloss black diffuser) and brighter colors. While fully admitting that I have a soft spot for this underdog performer, I feel the exterior design has the most athletic and cohesive look since the the second generation Legend.

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Chevrolet Corvette Carbon 65 Edition – Quick Check

In January of 1953, the Corvette was first shown at the General Motors Motorama at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Just six months later, June 30th to be exact, the first Corvette rolled off a pilot production line in Flint, Michigan.

1953 GM Motorama in NYC where the Corvette was first shown to the public. Production launched just 6 months later in Flint, MI. – GM Heritage Center.

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2017 Honda Civic Si – Engineering Review

The Civic Si can back up its sporty looks with increased power and improved handling dynamics.

Honestly speaking, the past five years spent with the 9th generation Civic Si have been some of the longest years for Honda fans as one competitor after another surpassed it in terms of speed and handling. And this comes from someone that was a part of the development team. 

After a year hiatus, the 2017 Honda Civic Si embraces the fresh new world of sport compacts with turbocharged engines and advanced chassis electronics but in doing so leaves behind the famed high-revving mechanical madness of VTEC. The latest Si is undeniably impressive and provides a great value but does it satisfy the Si faithful?

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